7 Things To Consider Before Buying a Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is an integral part of your life if you are a regular coffee drinker and if you are one of those who feels extremely groggy without it in the morning. But always make sure that you go for the best coffee maker since this is a long time investment. You will find various options for your coffee machine and make a well-informed decision is extremely vital.

So we have listed down a few things which you should consider while planning to buy a coffee maker for yourself.

How convenient is it?

The first question you should ask yourself while planning to buy a coffee machine is that how often you would make your coffee and if you have enough time to spend every day on preparing it and brewing it. If you are one of those people who need instant coffee in the morning and cannot be bothered with the preparation tasks, then you should go for super-automatic machines.

But if you are willing to take some time out to prepare your coffee, then you should go for an espresso machine. It all depends on how convenient you want your coffee maker to be and how much time you are willing to spend.


Now, this could be one of the deciding factors while buying a coffee machine. If you are looking for something not to costly, then you should go for the Pod/Capsule machine or Entry-Level Espresso Maker but keep in mind that these won’t give you the best quality possible. It’s also possible that the higher ranged coffee machines don’t provide you with a rich flavored coffee too.

So ensure how important the quality to you is and then according to that, set your budget. You will find various coffee makers with varying costs.

Which type should you choose?

Once you have decided what your budget is and how you like would use it, time to choose which type of coffee maker you would like to buy. There are several types of coffee makers to choose from: Drip coffee machines, Single-Serve coffee maker, Specialty coffee maker and 1-to2-Mug Drip, coffee maker. Drip machines are the easiest to handle while Single-Serve coffee machines (read reviews at Freshpresso.net/best-single-serve-coffee-maker-reviews) would require a little more work and money. Although Specialty machines are similar to Drip machines, they tend to give you a richer coffee due to its filtering methods and 1-to-2-Mug Drip machines are designed to produce smaller quantities.

So take your pick. Choose the machine type which suits your needs the best.

How much can it hold?

Another crucial feature to check in your coffee machine is how much quantity it can hold at a time. If you are one of those people who require making a large amount of coffee, then it would be better to go for those machines which provide you with large capacity.

How easy it is to learn?

If you are a lazy ass who doesn’t like to put much effort, then instant coffee machines are the best for you as at just one click, your coffee is ready, and it is very easy to learn too. But if you like to put in some work into your machine, then go for a little more high-end machine which would require you to brew and steam and would be a little more complicated than the instant coffee machines. So make your choice, are you a willing learner or not?

Easy to clean?

Coffee making is going to be a messy affair, and different coffee makers make a different amount of mess. If you are a diligent coffee drinker and wouldn’t mind a little cleaning up, then go for an espresso grinder combination. Go for coffee makers which are easier to clean if you don’t have time for such mundanities; this would make your work a whole lot easier.

How fast and often will it brew?

This is a crucial point to keep in mind as different coffee makers take a different amount of time to process your coffee. If you are one of those, who requires instant coffee, better to go for coffee makers who have a fast speeding process. The speed of brewing and steaming are important factors to keep in mind.

If speed and recovery are a matter of concern to you, then better go for coffee makers with large water tanks and steam and brew at the same time. It all depends on what do you want out of your coffee maker.